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I’ve given the health care issue a lot of thought over the past month. In my opinion there are only two ways for a government to run a health care system. Option one is the one that most socialist countries have settled with. Offer crappy service at a price that everyone can afford and if you want better, you’ll have to travel to America or India to get that work done. In this option there would still be high end insurance coverage for those who can afford it, but because of high taxes, that would be a much smaller group of people then it is today. The other option is more of a totalitarian tought process. Do the math on who you can afford to cover, and then kill everyone else. It sounds harsh, but if you look at the long term result, you’ll see it’s true. Australia last year disallowed citizenship to a man because his child had autism. They stated that they just couldn’t afford to take on the financial “burden” of that illness. So they refused the entire family citizenship. Under a totalitarian government insurance plan, you would make abortion free and accessible, while telling parents who expect to have children with a medical disorder or health problem, that they may not be covered if they chose to go ahead and have the child. Euthanasia which was once abhorred by this country will become a viable option now that the government is tasked with caring for the elderly. You may disagree, and even I hope that such a thing would never happen. But when you start looking at the costs of health care and what people consider affordable health care to be. I can’t imagine how they will come up with a cheap solution that offers excellent service, without cutting a few corners. And by cutting corners, I mean genocide.

Now, I like Obama, at least as a person. I’m not sure how great of president he’ll be in the eyes of history. But I at least believe he is truely in his heart trying to do a good thing and help people who are hurting and financially destetute due to overwealming health care costs. What we have to remember is that Obama will only be president for a couple more years (fingers crossed) or even six more at most. After that another guy(/girl?) takes over, and then after that, another. What I’m getting at, is once you surrender certain freedoms to the control of the government, you don’t easly take them back. And once you take the problem of health care away from the poeple and the businesses who support the people and put it in the hands of polititions, you are making a long term choice that will effect generations to come. You don’t go from where we are now to soilent green in a matter of years. But if you start down that road now out of fear or apathy, we will find ourselves in a position of shame down the road.

The real solution to health care, in my mind at least, is a simple combonation of tort-reform and de-regulaiton of the healthcare industry. I also think that Insurance pools or coops would be a good solution for spreading out coverage costs. None of that involves giving the government more power over our lives.