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I was watching the President give his town hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado. Obama really needs to do more stuff like this, because it is a lot easier to see where he is coming from. After seeing this speech, I am 90% the general idea of what is being proposed by Obama, although I doubt once it get’s through congress, it will be a much different beast. But I did gain a lot of insight of what it is that is keeping me from fully supporting the purposed reform. You can hear it in his response to some of the questions, which is why I’m embedding the video below.

First, I have to explain Rummy Kub, for those who don’t know it. It’s a game of matching numbers in order and by number. So you create groups of 3’s and colored ordered groups. As you play the game the table get’s filled with combinations that you can utlize and reorganize on your turn. Now the trick to Rummy Kub is that when it’s your turn, you have two minutes to move things around and attempt to place some of your pieces, the goal being to get rid of all your pieces. But if you are unable to find a home for all the displaces pieces in the two minutes, you are panelized and your turn is over.

When I hear Obama speak about health care reform, it feels like he is looking at the board, and he really feels as though all the pieces are there to make it possible. And it may be possible. But until we account for all the pieces of how this will happen, it’s kind of hard to judge the proposed system. It makes me wonder why we are proposing a system to the public that has a lot of empty holes in it. After all, he has more than two minutes to figure this out. Unless he wants it to push through fast for a reason. As a conservative skeptic, it would lead me to think that some of the true solutions to the problems are going to be hard to find supporters for, so if we get a rough plan approved without all the solutions specified, then it will be easier to pass the ugly solutions after we are already married to an overall plan.