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There has been a lot of unnecessary contraversy over the President’s address to K-12 students today, especially in ulta conservitive states where the President didn’t recieve much support during the election. Honestly, I didn’t vote for him, and I don’t think he’s shaping up to be a good President, but he is still the President. A man who sits in the highest held office in the world. The commander of the largest and most advanced fighting force in the world. And when he tells kids to stay in school and do their best, they aught to be paying attention. He may not have the much potential for getting things done on capital hill, but he is and always has been a great speaker and motivational inspiration to others. I thought his speech today was right on target and offered a lot of down to earth advice for our future generation. Some have stated that this is just him playing up his hollywood side. But this was the time in technology to attempt a speech like this to a nation wide audience of students, and even if you don’t like Obama, you should understand that young people do like him. He speaks their language and uses their technology. If anyone can get through to troubled kids and make an impact, it would be someone like Obama. And good for him, for not ending the speech with “Vote for me in 2012!”