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Obama enlisted an excelent team to reseach the future of NASA and manned space flight, and the majority of these guys were astraunates and or people with a great interest in manned missions. They came back recently with a recommendation to the President to put an end to the “Return to the moon” plan. Read more on this NPR report. Is this the beginning of the end of NASA. At some point the great technolical advances that we have always argued to defend the space program have just stopped spewing out of NASA. We are left in a position to ask the question of what is it worth, besides pride, to send poeple to the moon or anywhere esle for that matter. I’m not really sure how to feel about this. I logically agree, but at the same time, I do long for the undiscovered and can’t stand the idea of giving up on something because it was “hard” or “expensive”.