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Americans love a good revolution

When Iranians started protesting and rioting over the rigged presidential elections in their country it probably would not have gotten the attention of the United States public as much as it did, if it hadn’t been for the Iranians use of social media like twitter. It was inspiring to see someone actually find a noble use for this technology that we use to inform the world about the food we just ate or to scream into space our disdain and frustrations for our technology that we use to update our twitter accounts.

It’s not how you land or take off, it’s how you crash a plane that makes you a great pilot

The captain who landed in the Hudson. It was quick thinking and good piloting. Makes you wonder how other pilots would react. Goes to show you though, that history doesn’t judge you by the long term of your career, but by that one moment in time when you were thrust into a situation. If he had been a pilot for 2 years or 20, he would have been a hero either way.

Reality Television is destroying families

If you watched the balloon boy fiasco unfold, then you probably share my disgust for the parents role in the whole thing. The worse thing about that whole story was that if it had unfolded a little differently, it might have worked and we would be enjoying a new season of crazy balloon family premiering in 2010. Fortunately the media has handled it pretty well by not giving them any more attention after the hoax was unveiled. Although it was probably more out of anger over being the target of a hoax, then the moral responsibility on society.

Kanye West is a punk

Enough said. PUNK!

The media loves an epidemic just a little too much

With the 24hour news cycle we need more Tiger Woods fiascos to distract the media. With nothing else to cover, they will just give live updates on the same national story again and again looking at it from every different angle until they have driven the average viewer to become a hypochondriac.

Chickens are worth more then the stock market investments

So we are doing better now, but for a while there, everyones portfolio took a pretty big plunge. For young guys, it wasn’t too bad. For those who draw from retirement, it was devastating. I learned that at a certain age, I should take out my retirement and buy a farm. Because when the markets crash around you, an egg is still an egg and probably a dozen eggs is a couple dollars. If the egg market crashes though, you can still eat eggs until you have a heart attack.

Don’t fear the liberals taking over the governemt

I’m beginning to think it’s not possible for liberals to run the government. See, with conservatives its easy. Conservatives want to stay where they are, or move backwards. Liberals want to left, right, forward, hop, skip, and a few want to jump blindly off a cliff and see what happens. As a minority party, they can all agree to complain about the majority party doing it all wrong, but when in charge, they can’t decide what is right.