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If you are not familiar with the history of Babylon, here is a quick history. The first government to spread it’s power across all civilization, it was a power full empire worthy of respect and mention when talking about the great powers of history. Much like other world powers to follow it, when it had finished conquering the known world, it looked to other feats to demonstrate it’s greatness and to keep it’s subjects busy. They set out to build a tower. Tower’s were not new to them architecturally,  but they wanted to create one so large, that they could reach out and touch the clouds. They wanted everyone who sees it to see their brilliance and power.

As the story goes, they were doing pretty well. So well, that they had gotten God’s attention. God, speaking to himself as he commonly must do, being that the only other being worthy of having a conversation with is himself, said to himself, “We must stop them”. He continued to explain to himself, “If they are allowed to complete this, then they will think they are truly capable of anything.” At first glance, this seems like a real jerkish thing for God to think. But if you have ever had children, and you see them doing something crazy and daring, your first thought is “oh, I hope they don’t fall”. But when they don’t fall when you thought they would, you quickly realize the scary truth. If a child never gets hurt doing dangerous things, he never learns those boundaries and will continue to push out and pursue more dangerous stunts until he does more damage then a scraped knee. I think this is what God was thinking. Not that he didn’t want them to do well, but that if they continued in this manner of unstoppable pride and confidence, that it would in fact be their downfall. Or maybe God was just being a bully, who really knows.

So God stopped work on the tower by changing their languages and moving them to new locations. Kind of a strange story. I imagine a SIMS game where God just picks up SIM characters and physically moved them, but it also could just be that people got sick of communication failures and moved on. The story explains the biblical history of how so many people groups developed speaking different languages across the world. If you think you are to intellectual to believe a story like that, then tell me this. Since science has already proven that all men are descend from one man, how did completely unique languages form? You would think that all languages would have closer commonality if we all developed out of one group. Interesting thought, but not the thought I want to discuss today.
Have you seen the latest and greatest achievements of man when it comes to architectural height? The Burj Khalifa in Dubi which was just completed at the beginning of 2010 stands at 2,717 ft tall. That’s a little more than nine football fields. It now tops the scale of largest man made structure knocking down the current reigning champion which was a radio tower in North Dakota. Nearly twice the size of the Empire state building, you can see the entire city of Dubi from the top of the tower.

With 160 floors, it really is something to look at. I thought after 911 the world would have backed off of building super tall sky scrapers, but apparently they believe that placing a mosque on the 158th floor will deter Islamic terrorist from trying to knock it down. But even if they built the safest structure in history, I’m not sure you could ever convince someone to lease the top 60 floors with all the fears of working  that high up. Not to mention the 15-30 minute elevator ride once it get’s populated and people are getting on and off. What a hassle. And just so you could look outside  and have an awesome view? Buy a poster! Dubi is already suffering from some pretty serious financial problems due to the world financial climate and the amount they have been investing in infrastructure.  But other than the financial worries, there have been no major setbacks during construction.

Since this latest achievement of tower building is much grander then that of the early babylon empire, that leaves us with a few thoughts about God’s actions and current lack of actions concerning tower building.

  1. God isn’t concerned for our saftey, because we are older and smarter and better at building things. This is very unlikely, because if anything we have proven with this new structure that we don’t build things better and stronger, just cheaper and faster. The building designer was quoted as saying “I didn’t know how tall I was going to make it. We just kept adding to the top until we couldn’t any more.” I’m sorry, but that is also my toddlers methodology for building towers, and his don’t last very long either.
  2. God is just sitting back and allowing us to set ourselves up to fail. He sees that we didn’t learn the easy way, so he’s going to allow us to learn the hard way.
  3. God just doesn’t care any more. And I don’t mean this in a dark agnostic way. I mean he is still there, and still the loving God we all know. But when see a man smoking a cigarette and walking into moving traffic, you don’t mention to him that cigarettes are the leading cause of lung cancer. Nope, he is going to die in a matter of minutes, so things like lifestyle choices, bad habits, pride and dangerously tall towers don’t really warrant a conversation. This is a scary thought if you think about it.

Whatever God’s reasons, he hasn’t given any a language lobotomy to anyone over it yet. One thing is for sure though. People haven’t changed one bit. All our self praise over how evolved we are, and how we live in an age of enlightenment. We are still guys in rudimentary garments, shoving monoliths up in the loose soil so that everyone can see how gifted we are. Something to consider. The tallest Non-man-made structure is Mount Everest,  standing at 29,029 Feet. Nearly 10 times the size of the Burj Khalifa. So we may be able to pat ourselves on the back for this one, but I wouldn’t expect to get many kudos from the creator on it. Plus, I have a feeling that Everest will last longer.

Burj Khalifa