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Okay, It’s been a long day. It is about 4:30 AM and I have been working all night on a turkey dinner.  Somehow when I thought this up, it seemed like it would be so much simpler. But about three hours ago I came to realiize why this meal is only prepaired once a year. I am attempting to cook a turkey and have it come out off the oven ready to eat by noon when we come home from church on Sunday. At this point, I will be sleeping all Sunday afternoon to catch up from this event. And in the end, all the kids told me today that they don’t like turkey. What a waste. For the food record, I thawed the turkey completely, and am now cooking it for one hour at 350 and then a will bring it down to 200 for the rest of the morning until noon when I’ll crank it back up again to crispen up the skin and to cook to stuffing from cornbread I made tonight. I can see why cooks feel so un apretiated. No one knows I’m up right now doing this. And honestly, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I could have gotten more gratitude from chicken nuggets.

Updated: I’ll never do this again. It was delicious. But Not as much food and leftovers to make it worth it and it turns out, I had forgotten that Levi is mildly allergic to Turkey. He’s been itching and scratching all night. I feel horrible and frustrated by the effort. For thanksgiving this year, I’m grilling steaks.