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So the first mistake to blogging is layout out your ideal categories. Because after you have set the table with the dishes before making the meal. Instead of creating the meal based on the ingredients you have on hand, you make it for the place setting. You really should start blogging into a general category for a few months before splitting things off into separate categories. Of course it depends on your goals, but for a life journal such as what I am trying to do here. It would be easier to flow ideas and then title, and then categorize.

I keep thinking of ideas, and then holding them directly up the categories on hand. And then I keep trying to balance out and try to come up with ideas of posts to fill empty categories. I may not effect others the same, but It creates a mental road block for me. But in all this, I just need to develop a sense of not caring, and let go of control to more accurately record my thoughts the way they come out.