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On occasion, I try to make jello for the kids for snack or desert. It’s a simple treat that they enjoy. You can buy jello in a cup that already has fruit in it, but it also tends to have a bunch of other junk to preserve it for far to long. I’m a big fan of Jamie Oliver and his style of cooking. So when I make my jello, I stick some fruit in the jello. I actually have learned that you can take any food that your children enjoy and stick healthy food inside of it. The twins are going through the stage where they are getting more picky about how many vegetables we ask them to eat. But they love bread, especially cupcakes. We have to order special cupcakes from the one place in the metro who makes a vegan cupcake that is allergy free. They saw me making dough for biscuits, and got excited and said “making cupcakes”. I think they meant pancakes since I never make cupcakes. So I said, “sure… Veggie Cupcakes”. They got all excited. I quickly grabbed the steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots that I had on the stove and pureed them and then mashed them, or folded them into the dough. I kept talking up my new amazing veggie cupcakes and they got so excited. I forgot that we used to do this when the other kids were younger. The way I made the veggie cupcakes was…

3 cups bisquick ,

1/3 cup soy milk,

two cups of fresh hot steamed veggies,

2 tablespoons of salt and a little vegetable oil to smooth out the mix.

Baked it at 425 for about 10 minutes. The trick to making them fluffy is using well pureed veggies and after mixing it real well, let it sit for 5 minutes or so before dropping it into a cupcake pan. I think next time I will use half corn meal instead of bisquick alone and cheese would be nice if you don’t have the allergy issue. The kids ate them up. I plan on doing some more experiments over the summer with veggie based breads like spinach tortillas, sweet potato pancakes and anything else I can dream up. I’ll try to document the ingredients, but I don’t usually use measuring devices when I experiment, so these instructions include some guesstimations.