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This little dish has quickly become a family favorite. So far we have eaten about three times and each one was a little different. I don’t have a detailed reciepe as it involves whatever you have laying around. But here is the general idea and you play with it to give it your own spin.

The base is a cornbread base. I use either Jiffy Mix or just make up cornbread from cornmeal and an old cornbread recipe usually involving eggs (we use replacement), milk (we use soy), oil / shortening, flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. But for easy and fast, I recommend the Jiffy Mix. But add to the regular cornbread some extra flower or Bisquick. This helps with the amount of water that will come in from the steamed veggies as well as keeps the cornbread from being flaky or crumbly, which is nice unless you have six kids to clean up after.

While you are making the batter, you have some veggies steaming on the side. I used carrots, spinach, onions, and some fresh basil from the garden. When veggies are almost squishy to the touch I drain them and fold them into the batter and then poor it into a deep glass baking dish. For an extra touch of health consciousness I sprinkle the top with flaxseed meal. Then I bake it at 400º for about 15 minutes or until it springs up when pressed on and is golden on top and bottom. It’s helpful to place it on a center positioned rack in the oven so the bottom and top cook evenly.