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I’ve been a republican since I was old enough to register. Although I would have to keep that secretive around the house as my grandmother was big into the Democratic party and it would have frustrated her to know that I didn’t agree with the party platform. The three biggest reasons for being a part of the republican party are that I am pro-life, anti-big-government, and I agree with the social and economic policies the party for the past 30 years. But the longer I stick with the party the more frustrated I get with the polarizing issues and political posturing that serves no purpose other then hurting the democratic party and raising funds from the far right extremes. When your political party is willing to do what is right for the party over what is right for the nation, it’s time to leave the party. We are not there yet, but some of the latest bickering in a local district campaign for a house seat between James Lankford and Kevin Calvey have reminded me of some of my distaste for politics.

The three things I could do without in republican candidate campaigns. (Kevin Calvey Campaign Team, this message is for you)

1. Fear Based Marketing

“Elect me, unless you want the terrorists to win.” What really bothers me in the republican party is that the candidates know that the majority of the republican party is composed of older people. And the easiest way to turn out voters it to target the elderly and retired members of the party. But being on the mailing lists and having my phone on record, I get the calls and the post cards and it really bothers me. Here are the fear tactics that republicans tend to use, and just shouldn’t in primary elections, since in general, the differences in candidates are minimal so you are just showing off your ability to lie to the public.

  • Elect me, to win the war on terrorism
  • Elect me, or they WILL raise your taxes
  • Elect me, or socialism will take over, or conversely, Elect me, or they will take away your social security.

2. Attack Advertising

Some politicizations have had a hard time understanding where the line is. Let me define it for you. If you say your opponent’s name louder and larger then your own, then you are crossing the line. When you tell me how you are better then your opponent, that’s just positioning. When you tell me how your opponent is a bad choice for America and then mention that you are running too, you are doing Attack Advertising, and as a party, you should never attack another party member during the primaries. It is bad for the party. Period.

3. “Oops, did we say that?” Tactics

Here is the deal. Scum bag politicians often claim that they didn’t have full control over their campaign’s communications. So when something is miss-quoted or comes off as too aggressive they simply apologizes for the “accident”. I’m sorry, but when you are spending a few thousand dollars on a mail out, you saw what was going out. And if you are asking us to vote for you to run our country but you don’t have the ability to organize your volunteers and campaign workers then you are trying out for the wrong job. Either everything you do is intentional and will reveal your true character or you are incompetent. Neither case wins my vote. Just run a clean campaign!

So How Do We Fix It?

Cold turkey. We can’t put up with in fighting and the old fashion trick the public campaigning any more. We are a dealing with an educated public with access to information and a desire for truth. If we don’t embrace the values of honest, fair and clean elections then things will get ugly for us and the moderate public will see us as trite and antiquated.

It starts by electing officials not primarily based on their resume, but how they articulate and handle delicate issues. How they confront their opponent with respect and dignity. Our politicians need to become our heroes again. People our children can look up to and people we respect. And when we recognize a candidate is crossing that line, we should demand the issue be confronted and dealt with, even if,  especially if, it is our candidate. Make your voice heard. Get out, get involved and VOTE!

Personally, when it comes to our local fight for District 5, once I watched this video on News 9 with both candidates, it was clear who meets my criteria.

I will be voting for James Lankford for my representative for district 5. I encourage you to vote your concience and heart on Aug. 24th, and every time you have the opportunity to practice the right to chose your representation in government.

More about James Lankford at

Or to get an idea of who he is just quickly watch some of his videos on youtube at