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So this is a simply, but very tasty way to take a plain chicken breast and make it mouthwatering awesomeness. I buy cheap bacon for wrapping, because it is usually thin and stretchy. I used canned spinach because that was what I had on hand. I don’t know why, I hate canned spinach, but this was a good way to use it up. I usually buy fresh spinach and toss it into boiling water for 5 minutes. Either way, you will want to strain and dry the spinach. I simply pat it or press it between two paper towels.

I slice the chicken to make short stumpy but thick chunks of chicken. I am for pieces that are as tall as they are wide. For the prime large pieces of chicken, you will need to slice a slit down the middle to place the spinach, but with the other less, perfect cuts, I just roll them around the spinach until they form the same shape. Then I wrap each cut with one slice of bacon.

Once wrapped all snug, I lay each cut flat side down in a pan of pre-heated oil to sear the chicken and the edge of the bacon to keep the bacon from unraveling as it cooks in the oven while also trapping all the juices in the chicken. Then after flipping over and searing the other side to a nice golden texture, I place all the wraps onto a foiled pan and into the oven at 400° to cook for about 40 minutes. Flipping them over a little more then half way through. After the 40 minutes is up, I then kick on the broiler and broil them on low for about 5-10 minutes just enough to crisp the bacon a bit. Once you pull them out, let them rest on a plate for a few minutes before slicing to expose the bacon and for a big guy like me, they become bite size sensations of flavor.

I served it here with pasta, cream sauce, and steamed baby carrots.