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If you ever hear my wife or I mention that Levi had a reaction to that product or food, this is usually what we are talking about. The simplest and fasted reactions will show up around his eyes, usually because he handles the food and touches his eyes, but also after he eats a food with a contaminate he will get these spots randomly over his body. They puff up quick like boils, then we usually administer a dose of benydril as soon as we notice and they smooth out into what looks like scar tissue or a burn and then will go away after about 15-20 minutes. You might think that’s simple, but it’s no fun for him. He get’s very frustrated and irritated as soon as it starts. We have been told that to him it feels much like a slow chemical burn. We are still unclear as to what contaminate caused this reaction, since there are few products around the house that could cause a reaction, we usually chalk reactions like these to the latest newest product or food that may not have been clearly labeled. Like a cheap bag of chips that could have been fried in oil containing peanut oil, but didn’t label the package as such.