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I’m trying my best to organize my life and that sometimes seems to be an unsurmountable task. I have found a couple new tools that have helped me out.
Allowing you to create simple to-do-lists with deadlines. This just allows me to compartmentalize my life and when things pile up, it helps to set priorities.

Sometimes you have great ideas and you just need to jot them down in a private manner to store away for later. I used to keep a notebook for such a thing, but then if I ever misplace the notebook, those ideas just get put on hold for way to long. With evernote I have a consistent place to put important information or notes that I may need to use later. It’s not the sexiest tool out there, in fact, I don’t really even like it, but it gets the job done.

Google Calendar
When life is simply overwhelming, its nice to know that some random thing that I promised to do a couple weeks ago will get sent to my phone via a text message from my Google Calendar. I can also simply text message new items to it and add items as soon as I make the promise.  Now if I could only avoid ever loosing my phone or letting it die from now power.

Facebook Groups
When you need to organize a small group of people, there is no better tool then setting up a Facebook group. First of all, it’s likely that you are all on Facebook anyway,  so it doesn’t require users to all learn a different system.  It also works so intuitively. Just like you post thoughts, statuses, and photos on Facebook, now you can post ideas, conversations, and resources up in the group.