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This is what I call an extreme low budget meal. Minus the humus, the entire meal is around $10. The chicken fried steak is from the frozen section at Walmart. Carrots were frozen and a bag of potatoes is pretty cheap. When I’m in a rush for dinner, I like to have golden potatoes on hand, because you can wash and slice them without peeling them and no one complains about the little fragments of potato skins in the mash. It helps to slice it in such a way that you don’t have large chunks of potato skin. The beauty of a meal like this is you can turn on all the burners and oven, toss in water in some pans and frozen patties in the oven and you can almost ignore the food for 20+ minutes while you help kids with homework and stuff.  Of course it’s not a super healthy meal, but the kids love it and it takes stress off mom and dad which has been proven (by me) to prevent mental illness in parents.