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Fish is a touchy subject in our house. I love it, and all the kids love it, but mom is not a fan. So I usually just give her a heads up on fish night so she can find her own dinner on the way home. The things I love about fish is that it comes frozen, but since I live inland, I don’t know the difference between frozen and fresh fish because everything I eat comes from frozen fish. Also, although it’s frozen, it thaws and cooks fast. Where as chicken would take to long to thaw and cook in the same night, fish can be thawed and cooked in under an hour. Especially the thin fillets of fish that I find cheap at Walmart. This particular fish is Swai and cooks and tastes alot like tilapia only typically larger.

I usually just bake fish with a little lemon and salt, but I had the hankering to do something more adventurous this time. I breaded the fish by first thawing and then pad drying it on paper towels. Then I took my seasoned flower mix and powdered it, pressed it and then flipped it using the paper towel and repeated 4-5 times until the breading was an even coat stuck well to the fish. I also fried it in olive oil, which goes against frying rules, but worked beautifully. The olive oil added a lot of flavor. That said, frying food is such a mess and I always regret it during clean up.