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Beef Pot Roast is sort-of a no brain’r. If you own a crock-pot, you’ve cooked this before. Here are the big secrets to a successful crock pot beef brisket.

  • Set out the crock-pot the night before, so that you remember to start it in the morning. Sounds silly, but the hardest part of a crock-pot brisket is remembering to make it 10 hours before you are even interested in eating it.
  • For super quick and easy preparation you can buy a frozen bag of onion/pepper seasoning that you can simply toss in with the meat. The onions are important because they add flavor and create a barrier between the meat and the pot.
  • The whole meal can fit in with the crock pot. Potatoes, carrots, and celery make good brisket buddies.
  • After removing the meat and veggies from the pot, pour the remaining juices into a sauce pan with some butter and flour to make a nice gravy.