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When it comes to cooking cheap steaks, it’s a fine art. Anyone can buy a $15 rib-eye at the market and it’s hard to make it into a bad steak. But when you buy the $5 pack of 6-8 thinly sliced steaks, it is very east to end up making beef jerky. Here are a few tips I have for cheap beef steaks.

  • Let them get to room temperature before cooking. This sounds like a bad thing, but when the meat travels from 45 to 160 degrees, that can cause it to change shapes and tighten up. You’ll notice this when the meat curls while it’s cooking. That is a sign that it will be chewy. By letting it warm to room temperature we are now only taking it from 70 – 160 and there by reducing the drastic reaction to the meat.
  • Salt it before cooking and give that time to absorb the moisture out of the meat. If you want it to be a low sodium steak, then simply wipe off the salt with a paper towel before cooking. The salt pulls out the moisture, which when left in the meat can contribute to it being chewy.
  • Cook at HOT temperatures fast. When you have a big thick slab of meat, your instincts are to slow cook it at a low temp. The opposite is true for thin slices of beef as well as game meats like venison. Cook it fast flip it and once both sides of the meat have a nice color, pull it out of the heat and wrap it in some foil.
  • Let it rest in foil for about 5 minutes after cooking. This allows it to not only finish cooking throughout, but by leaving it in the foil wrapped tight, the steam and flavors keep it warm and moist. Thin sliced meats can dry out quickly when left on the table.