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This is a fun thing we hadn’t done in a while. When I had a hard time getting the younger kids to eat their veggies, I started finding ways to hide steamed veggies in breads or pizzas. It works. At one point I was also doing cornbreads like this with flax seed mixed in. The kids really enjoy the fun of picking their car for dinner, although, the pan we have has two larger cars that cause a little fuss for the kids, but I solved that problem by just claiming those for mom and dad. Although, what mom and dad really enjoy, is eating the “muffin” tops to the cars that have to be cut off in order for the cars to lay flat.

The beef tips are actually just beef stew meat that was pan seared and fried in olive oil and then wrapped in foil and baked with the bread. It came out tender and delicious. The secret seems to be the high heat when frying them. If your not afraid that they are burning, then you aren’t cooking them hot enough. Then wrapping them in foil locks in the juices and since they cook fast, keeping them in the oven with the bread allows the food to all come out at the same time. Just make sure the foil is sealed or they could dry out.

The pan we picked up once that has the shapes of cars for each loaf.

The finished loafs after cutting off the tops and dumping them onto a napkin