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This is a favorite of one of the kids in this house. The soup that is. It’s pretty simple to make, but I always find a way to mess it up. I make it too runny every time. The way I cook it is, I boil the broccoli in one bowl and when it is softened, I then melt some butter, toss on some flour to make a sauce thickener, then add milk. This gives me a thickening agent (gravy) to mix into the soup. Then toss your cheese (velveta works good) into the gravy and stir and allow to melt. Remove the boiled broccoli from the heat source and pour your cheese gravy into it and mix. Where I usually make a mistake is using too much water to boil the broccoli in, but that can also be corrected by removing some of the water before mixing the two parts.

The ham was a pre-sliced small ham and the carrots and parsnips were boiled a little and then tossed in with the ham. I love parsnips. Adds a fresh zesty, almost lemon flavor to a dish.