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I often use these cheap pork ribs and sometimes beef ribs, sometimes called country ribs, in shish kabobs. It’s a small chunk of meat but it’s usually well marbled and has a lot of fat in and around it. Which is probably why it’s so cheap. But when you are cooking over the grill a lot of that fat cooks down and what is left keeps the meet tender and ads a lot of flavor. But this was the first time I just simply pan fried ┬áthem. It came out pretty tender like a big juicy steak, but the portion sizes are a lot more friendly for serving up kid plates. I baked the butternut squash in halves and then simply ┬ásliced it and pealed it, and lightly sprinkled on some salt and brown sugar. The cabbage and zucchini were boiled together and then lightly salted on the plate. The kids like cooked cabbage pretty well.