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This was one of those meals when you are trying to stretch every penny and you want to serve ground beef three nights in a row, but you don’t want the kids to notice that you are severing ground beef three nights in a row. So one night I did a meat loaf, and then another night I did a beefy pasta dish and then on the last night I whipped these up and they were a hit. I made biscuit dough (egg and milk free) and then rolled it super thin and sliced it into squares. Much like making pot stickers but I added cooked ground beef (cooked and seasoned as meatballs) and steamed broccoli. I would spread the steamed broccoli onto the dough and then drop the meatball in the middle and wrap it up. I baked it and used the excess fat and juices from making the meatballs to make a garlic gravy.