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I have never, in my life had SPAM until tonight. When I told my boss at work, he volunteered a slice. If you have ever eaten spam, you probably would say, it’s not much to write home about, and you are right. It definitely would require some “getting used to” if you had to eat it all the time. What got me started on it was when I heard a podcast from Josh and Chuck of Stuff You Should Know, a podcast from, and the way they described it, it didn’t sound half bad. I had always written off SPAM as a nasty thing made from something resembling meat. It is actually just a processed type of ham, much like other processed ham products which I do eat. So after getting educated on it and realizing that this was a canned product that would be safe for my allergic child if we were out camping or as part of an emergency preparedness kit, I decided I needed to give it a real try. I set this slice of SPAM on the shelf for a few weeks waiting for a good opportunity to cook it up right. Finally on “chicken nugget” night, which I can’t stand chicken nuggets, I decided to break it out. I fried it in olive oil with garlic. I tried to scortch it fast to give it a firm exterior since it comes out of the package pretty soft and moist.

First bite, automatic thought was this is cat food. My son said “Gross, you’ve eaten cat food?” It just had that smell and texture, but only for the first couple bites, and then it was more like a ham that had been through a blender and then pasted back together. It wasn’t bad, and I’m sure the more you eat it, the more you will be used to the taste and texture. I’ll be on the lookout for some spam recipes. But in a pinch, if you had to eat this in an emergency, it may be best to already be acclimated to it. Because in a real emergency, you would probably have to eat it cold.