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When you have a bunch of kids, going to places that charge for entrance can be very prices. Even with discounted child tickets, between planning food for an outing and tickets, you are looking at dropping $100 easy. So we have found that it helps to take full advantage of completely free events that take place in our community. Below is a list of some of the stuff that we did in 2011 that we will probably do again next year.

Touch A Truck

This fund raising event is “free” but they take donations for a food for kids program. It’s a great chance for a small boy to see every truck he has ever read about.

Zoo Free Days

When it is a little cold outside the zoo will often offer a free day, sometimes when it’s not cold at all they offer a free day on a Monday or Tuesday because zoo traffic is typically slow those days. The best way to find out is to follow the Oklahoma City Zoo’s Facebook page.

Child Safety Fairs

The city of Edmond during the summer will offer a few of these safety fairs around town, usually in a grocery store parking lot. The bomb squad robot or police dogs are always a fun thing to check out, and if it’s a big safety fair there will be a medical helicopter there. If you get there an hour before it starts and hang out, you will also get to see the helecopter land.

Edmond Arts Festival

This is a big event. It’s a good chance to check out some local artists and if you are a fan of fair food, they typically have a good selection of the latest least healthy treats that you can deep fry on a stick.

45th Infantry Museum

This is open year round. They accept donations, but it is free to the public. It’s a great chance for little kids to see tanks, planes, and army trucks, but it is also a good chance to talk to older kids about world history.

OKC Spray Grounds

During the summer, Oklahoma City runs several community spray grounds, which are public playgrounds utilizing water. When it hits 100° outside during the summer, these are a must.

OKC Everything Goes Dance Student Show

This was a lot of fun. I think you can follow them of facebook to find out about shows, or you can check out their website.

Liberty Fest Car Show

Liberty Fest is hard to ignore if you live in Edmond. We take Independence Day pretty seriously. The car show is a great chance to see (not touch) some awesome cars. It’s free and usually located in a campus parking lot at UCO.

Liberty Fest Parade

Edmond has one of the best 4th of July parades in the nation. I have lived here all my life, so I tend to take it for granted. Pictured above is our favorite part of the parade. The Star Wars fans. I don’t know who these people are, but I thank them for there efforts in the parade, and for battling the empire.

LibertyFest Fireworks Display

No need to argue this one. Unless you hate awesomeness, you’ll love the fireworks display. Never disappoints.

OKC Riversport Challenge

Our kids got connected to this and LOVED it. It took place over several weeks of training for a final 3 part race of boating, biking, and running. A lot of fun and a great experience and absolutely free.

OKC Latino Festival and Parade

It was a great little parade and lots of activities up and down the strip in the capitol hill area south of downtown. More information here.

Metro Library Events & Concerts

The Metro Library is always up to something. They print a book each season with a list of activities and concerts that you can be a part of. The downtown library pictured above was having a big Christmas program and even when they are not doing events, that is a beautiful building to hang out in when you are downtown.

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History Free Day

You have to watch their Facebook page to learn about these free days, but they are usually twice a year. This is a great place with lots to see. Plan to spend about 4 hours just to see everything and there is a children’s  discovery area with crafts and demonstrations at scheduled times.

Edmond Pumpkin Chunk’in

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing pumpkins getting hurled through the air and smashing into little pieces. Each year this event grows, with more activities and more pumpkin guts.

OKC Museum of Art Free Day

We have been to a couple of the free days at OKC MOA, and I’ll be honest. It’s usually when they are renovating a gallery space. It’s a little disappointing to find out that 1/3 of the gallery space is off limits. It may be better to go on a non-free day, but it isn’t the most kid friendly place either, so I don’t think I want to pay money to stress out about my kids not touching stuff. But for a free day, a little art and culture never hurt anyone.