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It occurred to me the other day that we sing a lot of songs around Christmas about the anticipated birth of Jesus, but we ourselves have grown up in a society that has complete under appreciation for that moment in history. I think that is why Christmas is so easily watered down or distracted by traditions and festive elements. We don’t know the feeling of not knowing. We live in a post Christ  area, where the only thing we are waiting on is inevitable. We await to see Christ face to face. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you will get a chance to see his face. You won’t like the outcome of that meeting, but it is inevitable. Even if you are waiting eagerly as I do for the second coming of Christ. About once a day I look into the clouds and pray like, “now would be fine with me, I’m ready to see Jesus.” This isn’t to say that we don’t wait on God for other things in our lives. We wait on God’s timing and guidance, and we wait on him to inter-vein in situations and relationships. But to really wait on something so crucial as for God to lay out a path for your salvation. To see your faith under the foot of an oppressive government and to have this promise of a leader who will establish a kingdom that will never die. To have that promise and be waiting on it. I think you have to picture that to really appreciate what we celebrate at Christmas time.

I hope everyone get’s a chance to get away from the noise and sit alone with God and just quietly ponder on the long awaited Savior. Generation to generation passing down a promise, putting complete faith in a man who hasn’t been born and a God who’s timing is not always understood by us, but was so perfect that it split the history humanity into two parts and grew a kingdom that has yet to be put down and grows constantly with every surrender of burden and shame and acceptance of grace and freedom. To Mary and Joseph it was baby Jesus, but to the wise men, the shepherds, the angels and to you and I today, it was King Jesus. He didn’t grow to become special, he was special from the beginning of time. Christmas isn’t a rags to riches story of a man born in a barn who makes it big the big city. It’s the story of the King of Kings, foundation for the existence of all matter and life, time and space, stepping down to the lowest of positions to fulfill a promise and to make the ultimate sacrifice. To teach us what love is and to show us ultimate love to start a never-ending relationship with you and me.