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I am participating in a fast along with others from Although I started a day early because I had planned for it before I learned what day the church was starting.

Here is the guide I am using for the fast.

Below I am going to keep a log of how it is going and what I am eating for two reasons. One, as accountability to myself, because I don’t have any friends who are doing this with me, so to help keep me on track I am going to publicly post my journey. Second reason would be to encourage anyone else who wants to attempt this fast and to give them ideas of how to adjust to the restrictions. While I am fasting I am also going to be reading through a couple different reading plans on One that I already started at the beginning of December which is the One Year Bible which helps you read the entire bible in a single year and a Stewardship reading plan to help with one of my new years resolutions. YouVersion has really changed my quiet time which had become nearly non-existent as far as real consideration over what I was reading. I’m not a big fan of the One Year plan because I always feel rushed to pack in so much scripture each day, but I committed to doing it, so I’m going to keep it up and also continue a more topical study on the side, perhaps at a slower pace.

Day 1

This may be the hardest day, because I started a day early it was a real temptation to go ahead and wait another day. The day started with me fixing pancakes and thick cut bacon for the family and then a friend dropped off two dozen fresh crispy cream doughnuts. That combined with all the snacks sitting around from new years, it made for a very tempting morning. But I did good. Didn’t even lick my fingers when handling the bacon. I ate two oranges and a banana for breakfast, and for lunch I had rice, steamed carrots, and olives. I think I could live off olives alone if I had to. For dinner I am fixing the traditional black eyed peas and for the rest of the family, I’ll be making a chili. I also plan on making a nice rich vegetable soup that I can take to work for lunch next week. In preparation for the next few weeks I have a couple bags of apples and oranges laying around in case I need a snack. I need to pick up some peanuts too this week. But in all honesty, this is by no means a difficult fast compared to a true fast without any food. It’s really more about your thoughts about what you are going to eat and fear or worry over how it will sustain you.

Day 2

The caffeine withdraw kicked in last night. Horrible headache and nausea, and I really don’t drink as much caffeine as many others do. It was pretty bad, but it’s over now and I was feeling pretty good today. I had some fruit and oats for breakfast. I stirred the oats into hot water with a little salt. It was like eating glue, but I knew it would help with the big day I was about to have. We took the kids to the zoo for Free Day Monday. It was a lot of hiking. I drank a bottle of orange juice, which I originally wasn’t going to do juice, but it was pure orange, and it was easier to take it then oranges. I also snacked on almonds all day. I just ate a fresh tomato and for dinner zucchini and rice. I’m learning that with whatever you have, there are those who have less and are happier then you are.

Day 3

Had a great day. Feeling good. Snacked all day on nuts and fruit and had some veggie soup for lunch. Also had popcorn as a late night snack. I was surprised that it was on the okay list, but it is and it helps to eat something with a different texture from time to time.

Day 4

I am really enjoying my bible reading plan. Praying hard for some hurting families and friends. Food isn’t as much as an issue,but it is frustrating having to fix a separate meal for myself after fixing dinner for the family. Extra dishes and all.

Day 5

I notice that I’m eating less and less every day. Either I’m becoming more efficient about what I eat, or I’m just getting so board with the same veggies that I have stopped over eating for the first time. For dinner I had hand full of olives, a tomato and some humus. For lunch I had an apple and for breakfast I had a couple bananas. I have really been enjoying my reading time on YouVersion’s iPad app. The kids got bibles for Christmas and they noticed how much I was reading and have asked to read together in the evening, which has been very nice and opened a lot of discussion and questions.

Day 6

Feeling great. Thinking I could stick with this for longer then 21 days. I don’t miss meats as much as I miss sugar. Milk too. I love a glass of milk with a cookie.

Day 7

Starting to get hunger pains in between meals. Need to plan better form meals. We went to the park for lunch and I forgot to pack something special for me. So I picked up a cup of fruit from chick-fil-a, which was awful by the way, and just had that for lunch. So it’s been a week and I’m still going strong. There have been lots of temptation moments and I worry that I will habitually pick up something and eat it.

Day 8

Still doing great. I realize now how much I crave sugar and the unnatural amount of sugar I usually allow myself to eat. I have a deep love for perfectly cooked veggies though, so I have actually enjoyed the opportunity to focus on that. It is still a lot of extra effort to fix food for the family and then think of what I can eat. This really has been a great start to the new year and I am feeling very blessed.

Day 9

Its been great. Really enjoying my life right now.

Day 10

I think I should be eating less, because I haven’t been really hungry yet.

Day 11

Eating the strangest things just to keep from getting board with eating. Can of pickled okra. Can of olives.

Day 12

I made my own granola today. Oats and flax seed in canola oil with a dash of salt. It turned out pretty good. It’s impossible to find cereal with no sugar in it, so I can poor unsweetened almond milk into this and it feels kinda like cereal. I finished my stewardship reading plan and I am 30 days into the bible in one year. So doing pretty good on that end. I’ve even been reading in the morning too, which is hard for me because I’m a night owl and a morning zombie.

Day 13

Starting to feel hunger more often. I’m eating less now, and that may be why. I eat one real meal a day and just snack a when I am really hungry. It’s getting old having to fix a second meal just for myself, so I am more likely to just snack on some fruit and nuts and have less mess to clean up.

Day 14

I feel like today was a milestone. Two thirds the way through and now I am really missing meat. I find myself fantasizing about steaks. Got behind on my reading this weekend. I wish you version had reading plans that were more forgiving about skipping days, especially because I tend to do two or three plans at the same time, so I am not worried about missing a day on one plan.

Day 15

I think I am crossing a line, in that my hunger is not as easily subsided by the same foods I ate earlier in the fast. Either that or I am eating less and just don’t realize it. With a change in habits like this for 21 days, I wonder how it may effect my eating habits beyond the 21 days.

Day 16 – 19

Haven’t been on my website keeping up much. Still keeping with the fast. Took my weight the other day out of curiosity. I have not lost much, maybe 8 to 10 pounds at most. I didn’t weigh myself before I started. But not much considering the drastic change in diet, but it’s probably because I over compensated by eating a lot of veggies. After the fast is over I plan on eating a steak, donating some blood and then starting an exerciser routine. Thinking about buying the fitness game for xbox connect. I played the demo and it was pretty addicting.

Day 20

There isn’t really any one thing that I miss from before I started this Daniel Fast. It really wasn’t that challenging and I highly recommend that others give this a try. It was a great way to start the year and has helped tremendously to set a habit of studying scripture.

Day 21

I kept thinking all day, what time does this end? Can I go ahead and eat a pizza at midnight? But I just waited until Sunday morning to start back on normal foods. Like BACON!!!!!

Beyond 21 days…

I think it’s a mistake to try to pig out after a fact like this. I had waffles and bacon for breakfast with fresh hot evaporated milk syrup all over. Totally hurt my stomach. I guess my stomach shrunk quite a bit through this fast. So I should step back into normal foods slowly. Also, it might be best if I kept my portions low for as long as I can keep that up. It’s amazing, living in America with such an abundance and surplus of food, that we sometimes forget what we really need to sustain our physical selves. Just as easily as we forget and neglect what is needed to sustain or spiritual selves.