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I’ve been super busy. I finished up a dynamic widget that hooks into’s website and displays the time until the next church online experience. I have it here on my personal blog but I built it for which has been doing really well in search rankings under a lot of key words. I also launched our first podcast for called Best Of Edmond. We pretty much pick one type of food or something and discuss the top places to get it in Edmond. The point of the podcast is just to collect the information from a user base and develop a well rounded list of places that will become a more detailed post on the site. I’m looking for guests on the podcast as well, if your interested, it’s a lot of fun and only takes about an hour to record. Or if you just want to submit recommendations for your favorite places just go to and see what we are talking about next.

I also started doing micro loans through I’m new to it, but it seems pretty neat. I got into it through a podcast I listen to called Stuff You Should Know with hosts Josh and Chuch, or is it Chuck and Josh. They talked about it a lot and I looked into it a little deeper and was pretty impressed with the potential of taking a little money and helping make a big impact in one persons life. I’ve started with a fairly small amount of money, but if I keep adding a little each month then by the end of the year I will be able to personally finance home building mortgages in some seriously impoverished areas around the world where 5-7 hundred dollars will add a room or build a one room house. I encourage you to check it out. And if you listen to podcasts, you really aught to be listening to Stuff You Should Know from

Today I built a quick little fun project. I have committed to give blood every time I get the chance ever since late last year. It isn’t that hard of a thing to do, but I have to be reminded of when the next time I will be able to donate, because when you donate, you can only donate after a set number of days has past. So, being a programmer, it was easier to code a php file on the web to do the date conversion and show me the next time I can give blood then it would have been to look at a physical calendar and count the days. Also, since it’s on the web and other people can see it, it builds some accountability for me to keep it up to day by donating. You can check it out here at

I went ahead and scripted it so that people viewing could also find out when they could give by inputting a date and the type of donation they gave. The whole thing was tossed together pretty quick with my eldest daughter watching over my¬†shoulder¬†half the time while I explained the process. I love how you can take something like PHP’s easy date handling and jQueryUI’s interface tools and easily put something together that works on any device and with a little CSS3 to make it look pretty. Oh and I did use a table in my layout, so suck it design snobs. That’s a nerdy inside joke for HTML nerds.