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I have this portable field recorder that I absolutely love, but have yet to have found a real use for. It seems like I am always testing it and trying stuff, but I haven’t done much productive with it other then record a few podcasts. At church the other night they introduced a new song that I thought was just awesome, so I figured I might try to record a live bootleg version the next day. I only later found out that the band had already released a free download, but I still kind of like that underground live feel, so I gave it a try. Here is how it turned out. I’m uploading two versions. The first is the raw audio from the device and the second has added compression. I may have recorded in mp3 format and then re-encoded, so I probably broke a few audiophile rules, but for a quick shot attempt, it turned out alright. I might keep doing this on occasion until I get a cease andĀ desistĀ letter from the church.

newsong raw audio mp3 file

newsong with compression filter audio mp3 file