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My name is Adam, but my internet handle is NXiL and this is my little corner of the internet.

I like to refer to these apps as anti-social media. If you really want to be social, let’s hang out some time.

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What is a “Generation”

What is a “Generation”

When I was growing up, people referred in the news media to "Gen-X" as the next generation. Knowing marketing, I understand that the term "Baby Boomer" was simply a way of defining a target demographic. The idea behind labeling a group of people who are of a similar...

I love people for selfish reasons. It’s not simply that people need or deserve love, which is true, but even when they don’t appear to deserve it, I chose to love them anyway, and here is why. Because it’s about me. It’s about who I want to be.

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I love people for selfish reasons

Just a thought I had today while surfing twitter. Sometimes people question why anyone would love them and I feel like this is an honest answer to that question. I also fundamentally believe that people being loved makes the world better and people exhibiting love...

Refreshing & Restarting

Refreshing & Restarting

Every once and a while, it's a good idea to re-evaluate everything. I don't know how you feel about living room furniture positions, but I re-arrange my home furniture about once a year. It doesn't matter if I feel like I have found a very functional layout that best...

I host a mostly one man podcast where I discuss things that go on inside my head. How I process the world and thinking about thinking. Sometimes I might have a special guest, but mostly it’s just me, NXiL, talking about what motivates me and the decisions I face in life.

Big Prayers

I do a regular podcast, mostly rambling and trying to better understand my own thought processes. I will be posting these exclusively on Twitter to see how this platform works for video content hosting and sharing. pic.twitter.com/OzJr6P2l4n— NXiL (@nxil) May...

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