Joyous Music Season

Dec 1, 2021

I love Christmas music. Every year in Oklahoma some station becomes a Christmas music only station beginning right before Thanksgiving all the way through the new year, and that is what my truck stereo gets set to and stays on for the entire season. It really got me to wondering why I am so completely in love with this music. It’s not just because I love the Christmas season. It’s not just the lyrics or the idea of the birth of Christ, which are all things I love, but there is something about Christmas music that sets it apart from all other styles of music. And as I pondered on it, the thing that popped up in my mind was that Christmas music, whatever the style, is joyful and happy. So much of the music we hear today is chronically depressing. Every song seems to be about breakups or heartache or actual suicidal thoughts. I am very glad that these artists are able to express their emotions and that others can connect with them, but when the top 40 radio stations are playing depresso espresso 24 hours a day, it can really wear on your spirit. But then once a year we get a grand excuse to shut off the hyper emotionally manipulative tunes and only listen to melodies that are joyful and bring cheer. I kind of think that is a good thing. I want to go on a hunt now for non-Christmas or seasonal related music that feels joyful. One song comes to mind but I want to seek out a playlist and then see what would happen if I gave it a listen every singe day.