Isolation blog idea

Nov 24, 2022

I think stir crazy is a good description for the state I often find myself in. I work from home and at times, I can find myself going long periods of time inside my home. Although my wife may come or go and occasionally drag me out into society, I sometimes see it as a personal challenge to see how long I can avoid the outside. I have grown to enjoy isolation. Probably more than I should, but I have worked hard on creating a space that is a sanctuary for me. My home is heavily automated with robot devices in each room of the house. I use reminders, timmers, and music or videos to keep me productive and work around my ADHD brain. I have an extensive craft area, where I can dive into a distraction like repairing or repurposing something old, or crafting something new from and idea that popped in my head. My collection of random objects, puzzles, and art supplies is enough to keep me engaged and bordem free for years. I may have mentined my fear of bordem, but it has driven me to collcet these tools and supplies. My studio space contains a book collction of world history that would take me decades to get through. I have an entre shelf dedicated to Oklahoma history. If I had to quarentine for another world wide plauge, I would be perfectly content to do so. Of course, I stlil leave the house regularlly. I have a lot of outdoor hobbies and I’m seeking even more adventure next year. But during those long stints of time at home, sometimes, and I am somewhat embarassed to admit this, but sometimes I day dream that my home is a spaceship and I am traveling a long voyage through space. Trapped inside, working, cooking, exercising, and procedurally watching the days go by. It happens often enough that I have recently been pondering if I should use it as an opporutity to practice fiction writing. Writing a captains log for a traveler who is struggling to maintain his sanity while on a long term mission in a vessel, floating through the void of space. I have even played with creating a special web portal for this project, with fun graphics and sound effects. I don’t know when I will get aroud to launching it, but once I do, the project will be series that will continue indefinately. Using it as a space to play with some of my own personal thoughts and the day to day triviality of existance that we are all familar with. It might even contain some twists and tunrs along the way.