The Teleportation of Philip

Nov 19, 2023

In the Bible in Acts, Philip met a guy from a foreign land, taught him about how Jesus was the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah, which the man happened to be reading at the time, and the man makes a quick judgment call to join the Jesus movement through baptism. As he is baptized, as soon as he comes up from the water, Philip is “carried away” by the spirit. However you imagine this taking place, it had an impact on the Ethiopian man, so much so that in less than a few hundred years, Christianity becomes the state religion of Ethiopia. Philip was taken many miles away into a town. It says that he “found himself” in this town, meaning he had to discover or ask strangers to figure out where he was. I like to picture this as bending of space time or teleportation like in Star Trek. He was beamed to a new location. Apparently timing for Philip’s ministry was important. He went somewhere, following Gods lead to recognize this man who was hungry to understand who God was, but God also had plans for him in another location. Both were part of Gods plan, although it would seem impossible for him to do both without much disruption, God provides a miraculous way. When we follow Gods lead, no matter how much it doesn’t fit into our budget, or our schedule, or our limited resources, God provides a way. Trust God and follow the burden on your heart to invest your time and resources to follow that quiet voice of the spirit that leads us. God will provide a way.