Inside My Head

A discussion of thoughts and thinking, our motivations and processes that effect how we interact with our world.



Just thinking out a thought... something that my thinking has changed on over the last 8 years.

My Thrifting Addiction

Just me sharing one of my passions in life. Audio only podcast for a while just to make it easier to maintain and make time for it.

Live Music

I came into a new appreciation for hearing live music imagining a world before radio, before mp3 and streaming services. Imagine hearing harmonies for the first time in months.— NXiL (@nxil) February 18, 2024

Broken Again

It's been a tough week, but I press forward. Because, what else is there?— NXiL (@nxil) February 1, 2024

What would you do different?

What would you do different if you knew how much life you had left?— NXiL (@nxil) January 25, 2024

Being Lost

When have you ever been lost? How will we know when we are lost?— NXiL (@nxil) January 18, 2024

New Things in 2024

My goal is to do this weekly in 2024... now watch me start off a week late.— NXiL (@nxil) January 12, 2024

I broke my foot

Been a while since I sat down and recorded one of these. Need to get back into the swing of it.— NXiL (@nxil) December 11, 2023

Big Prayers

I do a regular podcast, mostly rambling and trying to better understand my own thought processes. I will be posting these exclusively on Twitter to see how this platform works for video content hosting and sharing.— NXiL (@nxil) May...